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If you are not an Adoptee or if the person you are looking for has not been Adopted please visit our Find Family page

Finding your birth family as an adoptee can be a complicated business

No two cases are ever alike and there are a multitude of legal rights and restrictions that apply to the process

Before beginning this journey it is important that you understand your rights and also the obligations that are prescribed in law.

The Australian Government provides a useful set of guidelines which you can access here (opens a new window)

It is important to understand that even in adoption cases where we have successfully traced the person you are seeking you will need to be fully prepared that your newly found family member may not wish to have contact at this time.

In cases where this happens we will seek to get as much information as we can for you.

Our role in the process

accept-47587_1280We provide the expert facility to locate the person(s) you are looking for

accept-47587_1280We act as the go between for you and your family, protecting both identities until all parties have agreed to have contact

accept-47587_1280Even with limited information we can produce exceptional results

cancel-47588_1280We can not act as professional councillors, this needs to be done by contacting the post adoption team at your local council

cancel-47588_1280We can't guarantee that your family will want to have contact with you

Read my story

Read my story

Are you Adopted?

If you were adopted and you are seeking your birth parents, siblings or close family we can help

However there is a legal process that need to be adhered to and as part of our service we will provide the necessary guidance and assistance to help you:

  • Obtain your original birth certificate

  • Obtain your adoption file

  • Access your court records

  • Advice on mediators and councillors

If you were adopted before1975 we can help with the process of obtaining your adoption file.

Birth family seeking an Adoptee?

Are you a birth parent, sibling, grand parent or cousin?

Please contact us for specific details of the process of locating an adoptee

We cannot undertake or assist in any searches where the adoptee is under the age of 18 of if the the adoptee you are searching was adopted with siblings and the youngest is not yet 18.

In such cases we can advise with regard to the contact register and the possibility of being able to leave a letter on the file of the adoptee

A Word About Our Pricing…………

I'm concerned about what it will cost me

The reason we don't quote a fixed price is because the work involved is never the same from case to case. Until we establish what needs to be done we can't quote a price to you.
However our prices start at £50 and often this is sufficient to complete the search, however until we understand your particular case you should consider this as a guide only

Are there hidden or extra costs?

The price we quote you will be a fixed cost regardless of the work we ultimately have to undertake.
If you request certificates these will be chargeable separately from our fee but we will agree the price for these with you in advance before purchasing
If we need to purchase certificates as part of our search, or in the unlikely event that we need to incur extra cost in anyway we will only do so after having quoted you the costs and obtained your explicit consent to incur the additional expense

Do you provide a guarantee?

Unfortunately we can not
Whilst over 90% of our searches are successful in finding the person you are seeking we can not control whether that person will want to have contact with you

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In addition to those countries shown on the map we still have the capability to reach people in remote parts of the world through our network of agents

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