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We believe that reuniting loved ones and resolving family mysteries is the true measure of our success

Snuggle down with a warm drink and read about real people and their stories below…Imagine this could be you reunited with the people you yearn to find

The people who appear here have given their permission for us to tell their stories

Each person has used their own words to tell you about their individual journey

The only alterations we have made is in cases where it is important to protect the identities of the people concerned in which case we have changed their names

Otherwise everything is exactly as it happened

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A new family

I was contacted by TraceLocator via a messenger app at first on the 04/06/2017 at 21:28 with accurate information about my family and she was looking for long lost family members.

The Tracelocator researcher confirmed in the initial message that none of my details would be passed on without my permission.

At first I had left it for 24hrs before communicating with them. When I did contact the researcher I had let her do all the speaking at first to certify this was a genuine call.

I quickly establish that they were very professional and did not persist in soliciting any details about myself. I was thrilled in the fact that it was my sisters that had been searching for me.

I then agreed to allow communication with them and I was offered if this was to be via email / phone / letter or in person and she did not pressure me in my choice.

I had decided on a telephone call first before meeting them.

Since then I have meet this side of the family and I would highly endorse TraceLocator and their services. Thank you, my Christmas list has now extended


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Precious Time

My name is Gwynneth my son was adopted in 1974 for circumstances beyond my control.

Never a day went by that I didn't think of him and I celebrated his birthdays and thought of him at Christmas.

He contacted Janey and she was able to find me very quickly the work she does is amazing I can't thank her enough.

My son passed away 3 years after our first Contact.

I would not have had those three years with him if it was not for her.


Distance no barrier

“My name is Sylvia.. I am 79 years old and have lived in New Zealand for 46 years.... I was born in Kingston, Surrey in 1938.. and put up for adoption at age 3 & 1/2 years.

I remember being part of a large family of children who I later found out were my aunts... I also remember being taken by a person, who was a welfare agency officer, this I also found out later... he asked if I would like to live with this nice lady...this was my adoptive Mother.

I had a turbulent childhood, and became rebellious, always angry and not knowing why... my adoptive Mother was kind and I lacked for nothing, except love... I never felt that from her..

I grew up and married at age 21 to the most lovely man, we were married for 53 years... and had a son and daughter... sadly he passed away in 2012.

My daughter often said I should try and find my birth family, I put if off as I never thought it possible with the geographical distance, and also wondered if my birth Mum was still alive...

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Finding Janis

In spring 1951; my parents separated. Father remained in Huddersfield and money went to London where she subsequently had a new partner and another son who will be 60 this year.
I have not been in much contact with my half brother Alan but I did inform him ( via a phone call to his wife ) that his half sister Janice had been traced. He has not responded at all.

At the time our parents separated ; I was taken into care of local authority with my 3 sisters .

The home we went to consisted of two separate buildings, Fieldhead where Janis went to live in the baby and toddler unit.

The other large building was divided into two separate parts called Cottage 1 and Cottage 2.
All the girls in care lived in Cottage 1 with boys up to age 5.
Cottage 2 was where all the boys from age 5 lived so I lived here; Kathleen and Carol lived in Cottage 1

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